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Parenting Interventions in Childhood Obesity (#65)

Gerri Minshall 1
  1. the children's hospital at Westmead, Westmead, NSW, Australia
There is reasonable evidence that parents should be the focus of paediatric obesity treatment.  Various reviews and meta-analyses suggest better weight loss outcomes when there is a family-behavioural component to the intervention without being super clear what the exact treatment is or the theoretical rationale for including it.  

What does adding a parenting program actually do and which skills should be taught and why.  Will a traditional parenting program “work” for the obesity clientele and how is the typical parenting of obese children different anyway?  Does improving parenting get better weight loss outcomes?  What are the best components to include in a parenting intervention for obesity?

This presentation aims to answer these questions by synthesising the scientific literature on the subject.  We seek to disentangle parenting form obesity and obesity from parenting.